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April 28 2017

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An old alley in Kyoto, Japan 
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Why Aren’t You Reading Motor Crush?!

The team behind the critically acclaimed revamp of Batgirl returns with an exciting sci-fi action-adventure series! By day, Domino Swift competes for fame & fortune in a worldwide motorcycle racing league. By night, she cracks heads of rival gangs in brutal bike wars to gain possession of a rare, valuable contraband: an engine-boosting “machine narcotic” known as Crush.

Domino Swift and Lola, the amazing genius mechanic (also Domino’s Ex)

Also, this comic requires music so I recommend listening to:

  • OGRE
  • Perturbator
  • Satellite Young
  • Tokyo Rose
  • Trevor Something
  • VHS Glitch
  • Dead Astronauts
  • Ex Machina
  • Susanne Sundfør
  • Tron Legacy by Daft Punk
  • etc.

I created a Spotify playlist called “Motor Crush: Music Selections  Inspired by the Comic” here.

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April 27 2017

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コミ1はらくがきコピー本よてい https://t.co/iL1NSAvESW

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はな森  [Pixiv]

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